Sunday, April 30, 2017

DIY Barn Door

This barn door was our first, and I am in love with it!!! We put this up in our daughters room for her closet.

We used the existing closet door and added 2x6 boards to join them, using pocket holes, and wood glue. 

All the pocket holes have been drilled so now to attach them.

We glued the edge of the board placed on the door then clamped and screwed in the screws.

We added a 2x6 on the top and the bottom and a 2x6 between the two doors to join them, this made it the perfect height and width we were needing to be able to have the door wider and higher then the closet. 

We recruited painters!

This is our daughter Mady, and this is for her room.

We choose to leave the back side just like this, because you will never see it.

For the front...we used the back side of beadboard because we had left over and we liked how thin it was.

We hadn't decided on our design so we took the trim and moved it around till we decided. We measured, placed the boards then nailed them down.

Tada... now to paint.

It turned out so beautiful! Mady loves it!! 

Come back to see the post on diy barn door railing and hardware.

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