Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Charred wood Molding/Trim

Shou sugi ban is a Japanese method of preserving wood. I just Love the look!
I had looked into this technique and even used it...but I was a little scared and I barely scorched the wood.

I love that look also, but this inspiration came from when I was walking through the woods and I noticed a log that had been in a bonfire over two years ago...it was so beautiful!!! I dragged the log up to our house...I was determined to use it in our bathroom that we were remodeling. Check out my post on Shiplap.
Here is a closeup of that beautiful log!

Sadly my hubby said we couldn't use it because it would crumble. 😢

I just had to have it in my bathroom, so I started from scratch. I got some wood and using the Shou sugi ban method, here is what I did. 
For the above pictures I had used a small hand propane torch. It was painfully slow and took a long time to get it even a little bit charred. 
Sooooo...we bought the Weed Dragon!!! Oh my...talk about crazzzy powerful! I might be a tad bit afraid of fire and that thing is a Dragon!!! Be sure to be far away for anything flammable. I highly recommend fire proof gloves...ask my nine finger husband. 😉 

After torching it, I ran the hose over each piece (which I had close at hand and on!).  You can wire brush them, but I really wanted the charred look.  So I wiped it down pretty good, then let them dry. I sprayed with four coats of polyurethane.  Even with all those coats on it, my hands still had a little black on them when I held it....  Which didn't worry me because its trim and modeling it will not be being handled.  

Here are some close ups....


It has a beautiful silver look when the light hits it.

Beautiful right!!!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Cliff cutting the modeling at 45 degree angle.

All that is left is putting it up...  We used a Ryobi brad nailer.

I love, love, love it!!!

What do you think?
Feel free to ask any questions.  If you end up using this method, I would love to see pictures.  Attach your pictures with your comments.
Thanks for stopping by.  Check back in for some more fun with the bathroom and other DIY projects.
Cement sink being one.