Tuesday, February 22, 2022

 Today is the 8th year since my little one returned to heaven. I/we miss you Bralyn ever min of every day! my sweet sister had the idea of every family remembering Bralyn by watching Toy Story and eating chicken nuggets. He loved buzz light year...To infinity and beyond! πŸš€πŸ’ž

Kristina and Randy sent us beautiful flowers for Bralyn, thank you so much, we felt so loved!!!

I love my family so much and don't know how I could make it through without them! 

Here is our family Toy Story, chicken nugget night. We have a hole in our hearts and miss our Bralyn, always, its hard to learn to live our lives without him, we have had to just find our "new normal", that seems to change alot while we are still figuring it out. February is a knock you off your feet , we struggle so much every year for the whole month of February, it hard to explain, the emptiness and distraught and someone is forgotten, or something is wrong feeling that won't go away. It hits like a wrecking ball...this year I was in the NICU with my granddaughter Aryah, and I couldn't hardly breath one of the days (they all blurred together), on this day I happened to look at my phone and saw that it was February 1st., It all made sense, but how was I going to make it through, being in the NICU super sleep deprived, and no time to stop? No time to grieve, and definitely no time to just sleep from the exhaustion of the grief. Jayden and Cliff would come and I can't tell you what a relieve it was just to have another person in the room. But we made it through and Aryah was released on Feb.8th. Such a blessing!

Its like that all month though, that gut wrenching feelings and gets worse and worse the closer I get to his birthday and the day he passed away. I never know what to do for those days, and it is so hard to force myself to figure out. So this year it was such a blessing when Debbie called me with thisAmazing plan all figured out and planned. It was something that was doable and I didn't even have to over think it. And having my siblings and there families from all over the US have a night just for my baby was so comforting, and filled our hearts with love. Thank you Debbie and Seth! And thank you to all my wonderful sibling's and there families, we feel loved!  

Here are some fun pics of Bralyn that Craig has created, he is so amazing at his picture quotes and they have brought me love and comfort. 

If you would like to see more of his spiritual picture quotes memes, talks and motivation quotes. 


We love you Bralyn! In our very hearts you beat! To Infinity and beyond! πŸš€πŸ’ž

I asked Craig to make me couple more buzz lights, this one is my favorite! Thank you Craig!!! 

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